Our Approach


“For me, success isn’t determined by how much money you can earn but rather how satisfied my customers are.”

Our Story

By age 10, Jimmie already had hours of experience under his belt. Jimmie grew up with pavers being a huge part of his life.

Jimmie’s dad is the sales manager for a paving stone manufacturer based in Oregon. This opened the door to limitless learning about the product and proper installation techniques. “Some of my earliest memories are going to trade shows and visiting job sites with my dad, by the time I was 12 I helped install a patio at my parents house and paved our barn by myself”. In high school he was hired at the same manufacturer that his dad worked for as “quality control engineer” which is technical terminology for “Brick Stacker”. After working through high school, Jimmie made the decision to make a career out of the company he was working for. The 5 years after high school were spent operating the paving stone machine and working into assistant production manager. “Understanding the process from cement and aggregate all the way to the patio in your backyard, is something that sets my abilities and company apart”. By the end of 2009 a sales position opened up and Jimmie became a sales consultant. In 2010 the company decided to open a new location in Olympia, Washington and Jimmie was the top pick for operations manager in Washington. “Working with homeowners and contractors was a big part of my day to day routine”. “Visiting jobsites and ensuring that the customer is happy with the finished product is my top priority”.

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