Patios make a great landing space off any door.


Patios are the most popular hardscaping option for our clients. People looking to expand their outdoor living space with long term investments choose paver patios. Patios range in shape and size from small, 10' x 10' squares to large 50 foot patios with curves and features. That's why we help you decide what will work best with your space and lifestyle.

Retaining walls add functionality

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are necessary in the Pacific Northwest, where not many of us have flat lawns. You can gain extra usable yard and landscaping space by installing a retaining wall, while adding a feature in itself with many of the color options we offer. You don't have to settle for light gray anymore with charcoal, brown, and tans available.

Fireplaces fit beautifully in any back yard


Who doesn't want to sit in front of a fireplace on a cool evening? We build both kits and custom fireplaces for your outdoor living. Whether you want wood or gas, your evenings just got better with Eli's fireplaces.



Paver stone driveways are increasingly popular for numerous reasons. Permeable pavers often meet municipal requirements for permeable surfaces. As well, they are a fantastic alternative to stamped or dyed concrete, and won't crack after a few years like concrete will. Additionally, they make a statement to friends and neighbors driving by and coming to visit.

Fire pits and benches are a great addition to any patio

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a fantastic option for those wanting to create a space to gather, share stories, sing songs and enjoy company. With many great insert options available for gas and propane, it will be just like sitting around the campfire, no matter where you live.



Whether you are connecting a house and garage, or putting a path down to a lake, walkways are a fantastic way to ensure your yard won't get muddy or worn.

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