Our Approach


“For me, success isn’t determined by how much money I can earn but rather how satisfied my customers are.”

Our Story

I grew up with paving stones being a huge part of my life. My dad was the sales manager for a paving stone manufacturer in Oregon. This opened the door to limitless learning about the product and proper installation techniques. Some of my earliest memories are going to trade shows and visiting job sites with my dad. By the time I was 12 I had helped install a patio at my parents house and later I paved our barn by myself. In high school I was hired at the stone manufacturer my dad worked for as “quality control engineer” which is technical terminology for “brick stacker”. After working through high school, I decided to pursue a career within the paving stone manufacturing company. The 5 years after high school were spent operating the paving stone machine and I eventually became the assistant production manager. By the end of 2009 a sales position opened up and I became a sales consultant. In 2010 the company decided to open a new location in Olympia, Washington and I was offered the operations manager position. Working with homeowners and contractors became a big part of my day to day routine. Visiting jobsites and ensuring that the customer was happy with the finished product was always my top priority.

I eventually decided the next step should be starting my own paver installation company and in March 2015 Eli's Paver Patios was born! Understanding the process from cement and aggregate all the way to the patio in a backyard is something that sets my abilities and company apart.

My favorite projects are the types that will see a lot of use. I enjoy patios since once summer finally arrives they will likely get used every weekend. Patios are also fun since they usually involve several different design aspects and allow us to get creative. Walkways are great since most will be used frequently throughout the year; but my favorite project is a driveway. For me, installing a driveway for a customer is the most rewarding because I know that not only will the driveway be used year-round, its likely to get used every day! To top it off, paver driveways really transform the curb appeal of a property and are often seen by a lot more people.

Paving stones are the only permeant form of paving. It’s the only product that will last a lifetime and can be reused even if the original construction fails. We design and build projects to be an outdoor extension of your home and hope they will see a lot of use.

Where did we get our name?

Since my name is Jimmie, this question gets asked a lot. My wife and I have three children. Back In 2011 we started an espresso stand and named it after our first son, James IV, its name is “Jimmie’s Espresso”. When deciding a company name for the paver business we wanted to keep the same theme. We named it after our second son Elijah, who we nicknamed Eli.